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Veltios will not censor or restrict any user from contributing content to the Velocity social media interface, with the following exceptions.

Libel - users may not assert falsehoods or misrepresent the words of another person.

Harassment - users may not engage in communication designed only to create a negative experience for another person.

Pornography - the posting or distribution of pornographic material will not be tolerated on the Veltios app.

Illegal Activity - no user may engage in illegal communication on the Veltios app. This includes, but is not limited to: making threats, publishing a person's private information (doxxing), conspiring to commit crime, providing actionable information on how/where/when to commit a crime.

Users found in violation of these terms will have the offending content removed by Moderators and can lose access to the app's services, either temporarily or permanently, at the discretion of Veltios.

Moderators regularly review posted content for violations. Furthermore, users may flag objectionable content for review by Moderators. Users may also block content from any user they find undesirable, even if it falls short of violating Veltios Communication Policy.

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